10 Jobs You Can Do Online

10 Jobs You Can Do Online

There are many jobs you can do online, just with a computer and a good connection,  you can start earning money from home online

I leave you the 10 most demanded jobs you can do online

Online Jobs

Here are 10 jobs you could work from home or anywhere in the world

If you think of any more, leave them in the comments!


Having a blog can be a good source of income and I put it as the first option, not only because it seems to me one of the best ways to live thanks to the internet, but also because you can use it as a cover letter to do other many jobs online.

You can live off the income generated by advertising (if you manage to get many visits) and/or use it as a portfolio to show your work and thus generate the necessary trust to be hired.

Once you learn to create a blog by setting up your own, it is another service that you can offer… create blogs with WordPress! 

Later I will tell you where you can offer to create blogs for people interested in paying for your services. 

CEO, be the owner of your own online business

Find a business idea that you can develop online and do it. Try it, maybe that idea doesn’t work, but along the way you find others.

If there are things you don’t know how to do or you need workers, forget about renting an office and hiring employees. Outsource everything online, on platforms like Fiverr, you can find professionals in practically any specialty.

If you want to know how to create a StartUp, I recommend you go through the following guide, after which you will see everything much simpler and more feasible.

You can also read The 4 – Hour Work Week, another indispensable resource for knowing how to create a business that works alone and where you can do everything online.

App Developer

This is another of the professions that are increasingly in demand and that you can also do on your own, without having to have face-to-face contact with your clients.

With this profession, you have the advantage that you can make your applications in order to gain experience and generate a source of passive income. In addition, there are a large number of companies looking for professionals in this sector.

Will you invent the next app that helps millions of people? 

online teacher

Are you an expert in something?

Well, if so, and you like to teach, you have several ways to earn money online

Create and sell courses online

You can create your courses and sell them on platforms like Domestika, where they advise you and take care of the production costs if you present an interesting idea.

I leave you some examples of courses with which their creators have had a great income, so you can get an idea of what you could earn if you make one that is successful. 

You just have to organize and gather all that knowledge you have and make a video course to be able to sell it online and generate income.

At Domestika it is difficult for them to accept you if you are not a benchmark in what you do, but you have other platforms where anyone can create and sell online courses, you have more information about it in the following article:

Give private classes online

There are other options to be a teacher online, such as giving private classes through Skype or other video call applications.

Many platforms connect students with teachers:

Teach eng online

One of the most requested subjects in the whole world is to learn eng.

You can teach eng and get paid for it through the internet, with platforms like Preply.

Ideally, you should have training as an eng teacher. To certify yourself as such, one of the best online schools is ELE Internacional, whose courses are approved by Miguel de Cervantes European University

You have a 10% discount on their courses if you use the mevoy10 coupon.

WordPress Theme and Plugin Developer

This is another of the most demanded tasks on platforms where freelancers are sought, creating custom templates and WordPress plugins.

You can also create products with which you can generate passive income in the future. For example, you can create a WordPress theme or plugin and put it up for sale on platforms that are dedicated to the buying and selling of these products, such as Envato.

WordPress is an open-source platform, which means that you can see the code of any product that has been created for this content manager, copy it, and change four things to adapt it to your liking and create your product. The possibilities these offers are endless. 


A copywriter is the Anglo-Saxon term that has been adopted by the profession of content writer for the internet.

Another fashionable profession, among which there are many pirates (people who copy and paste content), which is why companies that find one who is really good, do not usually let him go.

In addition, many companies are becoming more aware of the importance of having an up-to-date blog for the company’s own website. For all this, this profession is increasingly in demand and you can practice it from anywhere.


If numbers are your thing, this is another job you can do. You can keep your clients’ accounts without having to be physically present anywhere.

You have the possibility of submitting any request made by the Treasury (at least in Spain) online if you have a digital certificate.

There are also many other accounting jobs that you can do for other companies, such as creating business plansfinancial analysis or simply filling out excel sheets.

One of the best platforms for freelancers to find these types of jobs is UpWork.

Digital trafficker

Online advertising is still growing at a dizzying pace and experts who know how to manage Google Adwords, Facebook, or Instagram campaigns are increasingly needed.

It is the era of the new advertisers, professionals capable of creating effective advertising campaigns online, a profession that has been called Digital Trafficker.

It is one of the most outgoing today, with an average salary of around €30,000 per year.

Graphic designer

It is one of the most common jobs in which you do not need to be present anywhere.

To be a good graphic designer it is essential to create a good portfolio (a web page where you can show all your work).

To give you an example, I myself commissioned a job through the Freelancer platform in which I offered €90 for a design job that could be done in one day.

I did not like any proposal. This means that if you are good, you start doing work that you like and therefore you make contacts, you could live perfectly from that.

video editor

This is something that not many people offer online yet, but it is a profession that if you know how to adapt to the new times, you will achieve a very good income.

Until now, the video editor only conceived of working for companies, but more and more amateur users are accumulating many high-quality videos, recorded with cameras such as the Go Pro, the iPhone, or drones.

Many users like to record videos, but not all of them like to mount them.

Editing videos and organizing all that audiovisual material for amateurs for a good price can be a good profession to exploit.

On social networks like Facebook and Instagram, you can advertise yourself by making impressive videos of your creations, directly reaching the public that already has drones, the Go Pro, or the likes of video enthusiasts.

Jobs most in-demand online

If you want to get an idea of ​​what are the most demanded jobs on the internet, you can take a look at the Freelancer jobs section.

How and where to find clients to be able to work online

I have already mentioned some freelance platforms where you can offer your services or find orders, such as FiverrFreelancer, and UpWork, three of the most popular.

If you don’t speak English, you also have Workana, which is oriented only and exclusively to the Spanish-speaking Latino market.

But you have many more!

Very important to work online, and to know English.

With English and Spanish, you open your market to practically everyone. If you don’t speak English and your job doesn’t require it, you can always use Google Translate, at least to understand yourself with your clients.

Coworking and Coliving, what are they and why should they be taken into account?

Coworking is shared workspaces, something that more and more professionals who work only with computer use but miss the atmosphere of an office.

Synergies and collaborative ideas can always arise in these spaces.

Working at home, although it sounds nice, is not always productive, and having your own space to go to work for a few hours may be the best option to build your project or get serious about working online.

There are coworking spaces in practically all the big cities and also abroad, especially in cities in Southeast Asia, due to their good climate and low prices.

You can find coworking spaces around the world at Coworker.com or with a simple Google search, with the term coworking and the city in which you are looking for it.

You also have coliving, an evolution of shared workspaces that go further. This concept includes co-working spaces and living rooms.

There are also them all over the world and the main portal to find them is Coliving.com.

How to invoice

It is very important to have the ability to generate invoices and declare your income. That of charging by PayPal and not declaring is something totally illegal. 

Keep in mind that when you issue an invoice, normally the company or freelancer who hires you, can deduct this expense in their country and thus save up to half of what they have paid you, so there you will earn many points compared to others who work without issuing invoices.

So, don’t forget to put that you can issue invoices in the description of the profiles you make on the freelancer platforms you use (it’s something they look at a lot).

If you live in Spain, in order to issue invoices you must register with the Treasury to pay your taxes and Social Security, through which the famous self-employment fee is paid.

Don’t worry, the expenses are not as many as they say and you could even start billing without paying the famous freelance fee or with the flat rate of €60 per month for the first year.

In Spain, you have very cheap agencies, such as Xolo, which advise you on all this and register you as a freelancer for only €29 per month.

Tips to succeed as a freelancer

The most complicated thing is to start since on these platforms you have a lot of competition.

But many of the freelancers out there are inefficient professionals.

Once you get your first clients, do it as best you can, so that they can order other jobs from you and refer you to other companies or acquaintances and thus establish a good network of contacts, who will commission jobs from you periodically.

Do not mind feeling that your work is not being paid as it deserves at first, you will have time to be able to raise rates and choose the clients that are really worth it to you.

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