Facebook Business Manager: 4 Simple Steps To Create Your Account

Facebook Business Manager: 4 simple steps to create your account

In terms of social networks, there are 2 business profiles: one that is active on Facebook, publishes regularly, and advertises; then the other that has an account but doesn’t know what to do. 

No matter your situation, the best thing you can do to start good management is to create a Facebook Business Manager account.

Why? You will gain in management time and task sharing. Additionally, the tool will allow you to track all of your ad purchases on Facebook and even Instagram. Everything is therefore gathered in the same place. Plus, it’s free! Not bad, is it?

Setting up your Facebook Business Manager account is quite easy with these 4 simple steps explained in this article. Because as a manager, you aim for the efficiency of your team and the results of your marketing, 

without compromising confidentiality and security. And that, we understand.

Go for better control and monitoring of your activities on Facebook and Instagram! Go for one-stop management!

Open a Facebook Business Manager account

So you are ready to adopt this Facebook and Instagram account manager for the business. The tool gives you centralized control of access and permissions, the necessary confidentiality and security as well as better management efficiency. 

In addition, your business page, as well as your advertising account, will be integrated there, as well as all the other Facebook tools that you may have: Facebook pixel, product catalogs, etc.

Don’t have a business page? Create one from your personal Facebook account and open an ad account linked to your business page. Your Facebook advertising account will allow you to buy advertising, manage it and make the required payments there.

Or, you can also create a business page and an advertising account directly from the Business Manager tool, as we present later.

For all types of situations, here is the process in 4 simple steps to benefit from this Facebook account manager.

1- Create the account

  1. Go to  facebook.com (it’s in French)
  2. Click on  Create an account, at the top right of your screen
  3. Type the name of your company, your name, your professional email address then click on  Next.
  4. Enter the requested information about your business. At the question Professional use select, “Promote your goods or services” then click on  Send and then on

After this first step, you will receive a confirmation message from Facebook in your professional mailbox.

2- Configure your account

  1. Go to facebook.com again
  2. Click on Add a page, bottom left
  3. Then choose what suits you in “Add pages”:

– Add a page that belongs to you


– Create a page (business Facebook page)

  1. Select your page from the list that appears and click Add Page.

You now have a Facebook Business Manager account. To take advantage of this, it now makes you attach an ad account to it.

3- Add an advertising account

  1. Always on business.facebook.com
  2. Click on Add a page at the bottom left.
  3. This time chooses to Add an advertising account.
  4. Choose to Create an ad account.
  5. Name your account, complete the requested information, then click Next.
  6. To the question “For whom will the advertising account be used”, choose Your business then click on Create.

 Note: if you already have an advertising account, in step c above, choose – Add an advertising account that belongs to you. You will then be asked to enter your advertising account identifier (ID). You can get it by going to facebook.com/ads/manager.

Once the Facebook advertising account has been added to your Business Manager account, you still have to identify the people in your company who are authorized to intervene on your Facebook and Instagram pages (step 4). You can also specify what kind of intervention they can do there. This is the step where we add the names of the people who work on the Facebook and Instagram pages and where we determine their tasks.

4- Add people

  1. Again on business.facebook.com
  2. Click Business Settings or the cogwheel design that means “Settings”.
  3. Select People and then choose Add Resources.
  4. Enter the professional email address of the person to register, indicate Employee access (which is recommended) then click Next.
  5. You can now select the type of access (tasks) you want to give this person, depending on your needs.
  6. Then click on Invite and the person will receive the invitation in their email inbox and respond to it by registering.

Want to add more people? It is simply a matter of redoing this process with another professional email address. It is even possible to add specialized partners if desired.

Your Business Manager account is now ready to use!

Basta, a web marketing partner

A Facebook Business Manager account is a very useful one-stop shop for managing, buying, paying for advertising, and sharing tasks. It is also more secure and confidential when you give access to the company’s Facebook page to your employees.

Despite this, it is sometimes necessary to also call on web marketing specialists to find your way around and achieve your online business objectives. This is exactly what Basta offers you. Contact us to find out about our Facebook or social media packages.

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