The Amazing Fish That Can Survive On Land For 2 Hours Out Of Water

The amazing fish that can survive on land for 2 hours out of water

Scientists have said that a small fish of the shark species has a very unusual ability to walk on land.

According to the research of experts from Florida Atlantic University, USA, the epaulet shark can walk up to 30 meters on dry land and uses its flippers like fins (fish fins) for this purpose.

But more importantly, it can withstand the challenge of lack of oxygen while walking on land for up to 2 hours.

This type of shark is found in Australia and New Guinea and experts say that due to its amazing abilities, this fish can even face climate change.

Such abilities are not only important for survival but also stabilize the fish’s performance in difficult conditions, he said.

He said that this type of shark has learned to survive in the face of some of the current climate challenges.

Scientists said that different types of sharks have the ability to slow down and move fast, which helps them to reach more suitable environments for life on land.

He added that these small fish move from one place to another where they not only have access to food but also have better oxygen levels in the water.

A 2020 study previously discovered that at least 9 species of sharks can swim in shallow water.

But the epaulet shark is unique among them all because it can survive the lack of oxygen by staying on dry land for long periods and can travel up to 30 meters.

According to experts, the ability to walk from one place to another is really important.

The results of this research were published in the journal Integrative and Comparative Biology.

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