8 Tips That Will Help You : Beginner Freelancers

beginner freelancers

Some things you should know when you decide to be one of a freelancers

Every day more people decide to become freelancers and take advantage of their talent and skills, without having to meet hours in a company. If this is your case and you are starting to create your own business, remember that, although there are many advantages that this lifestyle offers, there are also many points that you must consider to achieve lasting success.

Getting started is not easy. That is why many freelancers initially feel lost and do not know how to move forward and counter daily challenges. It is normal to have doubts about this new, wide, and competitive world.

Tips will help you take off and leave fear aside to be one of the freelancers:

1. Sign up on various job platforms

When you start working as one freelancer it is difficult to find clients. That is why employment websites have been created that allow you to find out about offers and catalogs of projects, to which you can apply immediately. To achieve this, you must register on the platform and create your profile, publicizing your experience and your portfolio. When applying, remember to target the niche that best suits your experience. Every day you will find new possibilities.

2. Build your brand and stand out from other freelancers

The first thing the client does is analyze the candidate’s profile, this includes a resume, portfolio, social networks, blogs, and references. That is why it is so important that you keep all these channels updated and constantly growing. Do not forget that these are your cover letter to the world.

Remember that when the job you offer is new and punctual, the chances of being selected increase. Additionally, it makes it possible for them to think of you for future projects. Thus, step by step, is how you start to build your custom directory.

3. Make your offers the most attractive on the market

There are hundreds of freelancers out there vying for the same jobs as you. For this reason, it is important that when proposing and/or accepting a project you follow these tips:

  • Read the description carefully and let the client know if you have doubts or if, on the contrary, you are clear about everything.
  • Be as specific as possible about the price you will charge and the time it will take to deliver it.
  • If you have examples of similar projects you’ve done before, provide them to the client. This will give him confidence, and if he likes the way you developed it at that time, you will surely become one of the top freelancers.
  • Be confident in what you are offering and remember that you are a freelancer on the path to success.
  • If you analyze the proposal and think that they can approach the project in another way or they can add new data or information, do not limit your ideas. Give free rein to the imagination!

4. Offer reasonable rates for the market

Money is one of the most worrying topics for freelancers, especially beginners. It is important not to forget that, although getting projects is important, receiving what is fair is also important. Do not set low prices just for fear that one of the freelancers will take your job. Reach a middle ground that is fair to both you and your client.

5. What is your best time of day? Take advantage of it!

We know that one of the advantages of being a freelancer is the flexibility of schedules. However, if you want to be successful, it’s a good idea to set a work schedule and stick to it. For this to work, choose the hours when you feel most creative, productive, and calm, the time of day when you function best and work pays you.

6. Don’t be afraid to say no

The time will come when you have a very high workload and close delivery dates. That’s when the balance between doing the job well or doing it quickly becomes difficult. Do not feel bad if you have to refuse to carry out certain projects, the client will understand that you are declining due to overwork and not because you are an irresponsible professional. If this is the case, you must keep that employer in the magnifying glass and contact him again to offer your help shortly.

7. The key is communication

Clients and sources are the most important channels in freelance work, and that is precisely the reason why communication with them is vital for the development of projects to be successful. If you have doubts, ask. If you have new ideas, propose them. Don’t fall for the basics, become an innovator.

8. Go out and see the world

To make yourself known, you must attend events, conferences, and meetings related to your area. There you will meet people who can give you work, recommend you to someone else, or ally with you when you need another of the freelancers on the market to carry out a project. You need to get out of your comfort zone.

If you have decided to be a freelancer, start by registering with shaheentimes.com if you have experience in text, audio, video, photography, translations, and design issues. You’ll love it!

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