How To Focus Better Working From Home

better working from home

Life as we knew it changed completely in 2020. That year it decided to kick off with a global crisis that would lead to millions of mini-crises in our homes as we realized that change was irremediable. But just as it brought something terrible, something good also came; the opportunity to find that work can be done from anywhere.

Our house became more than just a home, but an office, restaurant, movie theater, etc. We began to realize the possibilities that we could do in our own space and it was so right now, despite already having the freedom to go out, many of us made the decision to continue working from home. Of course, with this come other complications and one of them — the strongest — is how difficult it is to concentrate at home.

There will be people who have no problem working from home, there are even some lucky ones who do better in that space alone than anywhere else.

But if you’re like me, the bed at home usually calls you to take a few breaks and thus, prevent a breakthrough. You also have to take into account that offices have their purpose, and this is precisely to keep distractions of common life (such as your dogs needing to go for a walk, your neighbors yelling, family members listening to music or talking, etc.) out of the workspace. But one of the biggest causes of the difficulty with the home approach is the absence of a boundary between what is your home and your workspace.

When the separation from work hours to relaxation hours is lost, focusing on your day-to-day becomes increasingly difficult. But what do I do if I can’t be out for coffee every day and don’t have a designated work space? The key is to act as if you were in an office.

Create a schedule

Create a schedule in which you will dedicate yourself to work and nothing else so that when closing time arrives, the result is officially finished.

Those limits will help your body understand that it should be active during that time and after that, it can relax. In theory, the ideal is not to work eight hours straight as we usually do; but to work actively for 5 hours taking only one break. Your brain will be much more focused during that period of time than if the hours are extended and fatigue increases.

Dress for the occasion

Another aspect that is very useful for concentration, but that we do not take into account most of the time, is clothing. At the beginning of the pandemic, we were happy to be able to work from bed in our pajamas, but psychologically, dressing for an occasion, even if you don’t have one, helps the person to be much more prepared for the day. If we do not tell our body the difference between bed and work, it will not be active when we need it. So in the morning, after breakfast, take a bath and choose your favorite clothes to feel good about yourself and thus be able to focus better.

Set Your Goals For The Day

Lastly, set goals for yourself. If we set goals to meet up to date, work will feel lighter and allow you to focus better on what you have to do. Preferably choose those activities that have the highest priority so that the pressure decreases and everything is done in a timely manner.

At the end of the day, you will feel a certain satisfaction that you finished what you had to and thus you will rest better for the next day. Just like everything in life, the home focus is something to practice until you reach a level where you feel comfortable.

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