Choosing the right web agency: 5 criteria for your success!

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When it comes to choosing your web agency, it is better to take into account a few criteria to properly assess what you want. This is how we can be sure to work with a Web agency adapted to our needs and our vision. But what are these criteria to look for?

Web skills? Yes of course. But there are also a few additional indicators to consider. And these indicators, sometimes, make the difference between getting a professional site and getting a professional site that perfectly matches our needs and orientations, in the short, medium, and long term.

If you have made the decision to redo your website or create one, whether transactional or informational, your project must add value. For your customers, but also for your company or organization.

Indeed, a website designed according to Web standards and according to the particularities of your company is much more than a showcase. It allows real communication between you and your current or future customers. In addition, it can help you retain and expand your customer base and become a benchmark in your industry. And that’s no small thing when you’re doing business.

Taking the time to choose the right web agency is therefore important… and pays off! This article offers you some indicators to identify your needs and establish what you should look for in a web agency. A perfect match, a dream team that will meet your needs? It exists! At Basta communication, this is what we do for our clients. Our success is that of our customers… for a long time.

5 criteria for choosing the right web agency

First, before choosing your web agency, it is important to think about your own needs. By defining your marketing objectives and business requirements, you will be able to better target certain elements and clarify your expectations.

For example, for what purpose do you want to work with a web agency? Create an online store of your products or offer your services? Update your existing site and increase its efficiency. Increase the visibility of your site on the Web. Rethinking your web promotion? These elements are important and show you the advantages of working with a web agency. However, they are not enough. Here is what we suggest you consider next.

1- The web agency’s area of ​​expertise

This expertise can be defined in different points, but you could consider these:

  • relevant technical experience in creating the type of services you need (transactional or informational site, SEO strategies, adaptation to mobile devices, etc.);
  • knowledge of your industry.

To analyze the expertise of a web agency, you can ask to see examples of its achievements. Well-assembled and successful projects for customers will be presented to you with pleasure. Also, ask yourself if these achievements have the level of quality you are looking for. Also, see if there are many of them and ask about the number of years in operation.

2- An understanding of your needs

The Web agency must be able to grasp what you want to develop and clearly explain what it can do for you in this regard. Whether your needs are very specific or more or less structured in technical terms – you are not web professionals. The expertise of the agency as well as your business vision must lead to a personalized proposal, respectful of your needs and of a professional technical level.

3- Values ​​that match yours

This element is sometimes overlooked. However, the values ​​advocated by a Web agency are reflected in all the actions it takes, whether with you or with your customers. Isn’t that an excellent reason to linger over it? Do you share the taste for a job well done and innovative? The quality of customer service? So much the better! Loyalty in business? Transparency and honesty? This is important, and to be considered when choosing your web agency.

It’s best if your corporate values ​​align with those of the agency. To enable satisfactory collaboration on both sides and to develop an association that lasts over time – we are well aware of these realities!

4- Availability and support

A web agency that supports the creation, and updating of your site or other web projects must be there for you. During the realization process and afterward. Do you need maintenance on your site? To receive your traffic data and other measures relevant to your business? To quickly solve a technical problem so as not to harm your customers? Knowing that your agency is taking care of you is reassuring and valuable. You can then continue your development and take care of your own customers.

5- Prices

This dimension must of course be examined. However, prices are not to be considered for what they are, but for what they bring to your business. A quality Web agency sells its expertise so that you can achieve your business objectives on the Web. This is a very specialized area that must be mastered on the “technical” side without neglecting the customer service and support sides. The price of services must be consistent with what is actually offered.

Basta communication, a partner of choice for the Web

Basta communication is a Sherbrooke web agency that offers high-quality innovative communication services. We work in several sectors of activity and we support our clients in their communication projects in an exceptional way. To accommodate them, we offer different packages that match their needs and goals.

Contact us to learn more and start a discussion about your development projects. We are passionate about web communications and our client’s projects!

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