Contempt Of Court case: Chairman PTI Imran Khan issued show cause notice

Contempt Of Court case_ Chairman PTI Imran Khan issued show cause notice

The Islamabad High Court has issued a show cause notice to Imran Khan in the contempt of court case for threatening female judge Zeba Chaudhry.

A larger bench is hearing the contempt of court case against Imran Khan for threatening Additional Sessions Judge Zeba Chaudhry.

The bench headed by Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani also includes Justice Mian Gul Hasan and Justice Babar Sattar.

 The court has started contempt of court proceedings on the note of the registrar, in which Advocate General Islamabad Jahangir Jadoon appeared in the court.

Yesterday, after consultation, all the judges of the High Court agreed to issue a notice of contempt of court to Imran Khan.

Advocate General’s Misc

On the other hand, the Advocate General has filed a separate application in the court for the submission of relevant records in the case.

Advocate General Jahangir Jaddon has adopted a position in the application that he wants to submit the records of Imran Khan’s anti-judiciary speeches and statements in the past, and wants to bring his video clips on record, so the court records the videos of Imran Khan’s statements on electronic and digital media. Allow to bring on and run in the courtroom.

Background of the case

It should be noted that on August 20, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan announced to file a case against the alleged torture of Shehbaz Gul against the IG and DIG Islamabad, and during the speech, Imran Khan addressed the female magistrate Zeba Chaudhry who remanded Shahbaz Gul. Threatened by name.

Imran Khan said that IG, DIG Islamabad we will not leave you, we will file a case against you and Magistrate Zeba Chaudhry also we will not leave you, we will file a case against you too, the magistrate knew that Shahbaz was tortured but remanded.

In this regard, Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah had announced legal action while PEMRA had directly addressed Imran Khan and imposed a ban.

Yesterday, a case was registered against Imran Khan under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

A case was registered against the former prime minister in Islamabad’s Margalla police station for threatening the top officers of the Islamabad police and the judiciary.

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