Top Digital Marketing Trends For 2022

Top Digital Marketing Trends For 2022

Climb aboard our rocket and accompany us to discover the web marketing trends of the new decade.

1. Hyper-personalization

If you are at least active on the web, you will undoubtedly have noticed that everything is a little more personalized, that every action you take is recorded somewhere.

Two good examples of personalizing the customer experience: receiving an email for a product left in a shopping cart or receiving a suggestion for a product that you might like without even having shopped for it!

Optimize the customer experience

Every good brand seeks to achieve one ultimate goal: to provide a customer with the right content and experience based on all of their interactions with the brand and their current needs. It’s called contextual marketing.

If we segment our audience well, we will be able to offer them content that matches their tastes. One of the best examples is Netflix, where you can see different suggestions on each of the user profiles.

In addition, the use of certain tools that allow the collection and analysis of customer data have become essential. Although users are often reluctant to share their data and information, they are increasingly willing to do so in exchange for personalizing the service offered by a brand.

Chatbots _

These robots available 24 hours a day, with whom you can chat on Messenger, also open the door to the personalization of the customer experience. They answer your questions and are at your entire disposal, in most cases, users consider the experience positive.

When it comes to a fairly simple chat, the chatbot is the perfect solution to improve customer service. It is when situations arise that are a little more complex to manage or when the chatbot is less well configured that bad experiences can occur. After all, we must not forget that it is artificial intelligence!

2. SEO, still and always relevant

SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) will always be part of Web marketing trends since it is one of the bases of Internet research. However, it will never stop growing. It has already evolved in multiple ways over the past few years and 2022 will be no exception.

Voice search

Especially on mobile devices, voice search will see a significant rise in popularity. According to a recent study by Microsoft,  72% of Internet users use voice search via voice assistants in their daily lives. Moreover, by 2022, we will be able to count more than 1.6 billion people who will use a voice assistant regularly, whether it is Alexa (Amazon), Google Home (Google), or Siri (Apple).

For websites to continue to be found when users search on search engines, will they need to be optimized differently? Yes a little, it will be necessary to be interested in long expressions composed of several words, especially the keywords which answer a question.

These long keywords help answer specific questions users have when using voice search.

Featured snippets in Google (or featured snippet)

Have you noticed this feature present for a while in the Google search results pages? To respond more quickly and directly to Internet users’ questions, Google has set up an “optimized extracts” section. This contains content that Google deems relevant in response to the search performed.

The user, therefore, has quick access to information without having to click on an external site, then if he wants to know more, he can click on the link. Often the excerpt is followed by questions and answers on the same topic that might be of interest to the reader. Here is an example.

3. More interactive content than ever

Interactive content isn’t new for 2022, but the trend continues. To provide a customer experience worthy of the name, you have to be able to capture the attention and retain visitors.

To do this, you have to let your imagination run wild and use different techniques, such as chat, live video, and surveys.

Although these may seem old-fashioned, they are very effective when you have your users contributing to a certain facet of your brand! For example: ask for their opinions on the release of a new product, their impressions of new packaging or what type of print they prefer for the new sweater that will be released next month, etc. You can do this type of poll as easily as in an Instagram or Facebook story.

4. Diversification to get conversions

Regarding advertising on social networks, it remains just as present, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain conversions using only one platform. 2022 will be the year of diversification. It will be necessary to multiply the points of contact to obtain a conversion. Indeed, conversions are rarer when you are only present on one platform.

To succeed in obtaining a satisfactory number of conversions, you will therefore have to decline your digital strategy on several channels. How? By creating a “masterpiece” and then breaking it down into small publications or advertisements that will be distributed on various platforms.

A small novelty that should make its appearance during the year is the Instagram checkout. Already available in a test version in 2022 in the United States, this feature allows you to buy a product seen on Instagram without leaving this social network. This will undoubtedly make it easier for ads to convert. It must be said that the complexity of paying for a product often harms the conversion rates of advertisements.

Even if a social media ad gets a great click-through rate, that doesn’t mean it will get a good conversion rate, if the path to purchase is too complex for the buyer. It doesn’t take much to discourage a potential customer from making a purchase!

5. Engagement on social networks

Social networks will remain just as popular, and the visuals will look better than ever. Indeed, brands will have to make additional efforts to compete with the photos taken by users and the filters made available to them.

The micro-influencers

We will see that passionate micro-influencers will dominate influencer marketing in many ways and far surpass the success of mass influencers. As mentioned earlier, social media users are looking for human experiences and largely prefer to follow accounts to which they feel attached or personally touched.

In the same line of thought, customer reviews and testimonials will be even more present and highlighted on the Web, as it has been shown that 90% of buyers were more sensitive to user-generated content than to advertising. classic.

video storytelling _

Videos will dominate the web once again this year! In 2022, web video traffic will be 84%. This is the type of content that now grabs the attention of users.

Engaging videos, such as storytelling, will be popular with Internet users. This type of video aims to arouse emotions on the part of the person who watches it and invites them to identify with the character to increase their commitment to the brand.

Authenticity is the watchword

In conclusion, no matter how you interact with your audience, always keep in mind that they should give a positive impression of your brand. More than ever, you’ll need to be honest and authentic in your communications, because that’s what customers expect. And this is how they will be loyal to you and contribute directly and indirectly to your success.

Have you planned your marketing strategy for 2022? If not, the Basta GO team can help you take your creativity a step further. We can advise you on many marketing topics and help you manage it all because we are aware that sometimes it is difficult to stay the course since this field evolves at lightning speed! Put on your helmet and contact us now for a free quote! To infinity and beyond!

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