Highlights of National Security Policy

ISLAMABAD: Highlights of Pakistan’s recently formulated first national security policy have come to light.

According to sources, it has been decided to make public half of the more than 100-page policy. The Prime Minister will launch the 50-page policy points. While economic security is central to national security policy

Sources said that the national security policy will be reviewed on an annual basis, political parties will be taken into confidence on the national security policy and the new government will have the power to change the policy. According to him, peace in the region, co-ordination and trade with neighboring countries will be the main focus of the national security policy

The hybrid warfare will also be a part of the National Security Committee. Included in the policy priorities. Sources regarding national security policy

It also said that the growing population has been identified as a major challenge to human security, with migration, health, water, environment, food, and gender discrimination being identified as key elements of human security. The government has been offered the authority to escalate affairs with Iran, while good governance, political stability, and the strengthening of the federation.

Is also part of the national security policy.

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