How To Allocate More RAM To Roblox (Step-By-Step)

Roblox Corporation created to be an internet-based gaming platform and game development system.

It offers a wide selection of games developed by its players.

You can download Roblox, the Roblox application on your console, computer or phone to make games, or play games designed by other people.

Roblox lets you join with friends in your game, and even chat with players while playing.


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All Roblox games run using the same engine. However, the games with more data for loading will demand more memory.

Roblox games The RAM consumption is between 300-600 MB.

Let’s discuss how you can provide more RAM to Roblox.

How To Allocate More RAM To Roblox?

The most efficient method to allocate more RAM to a game or application is by adjusting its settings.

Certain programs may restrict memory they use depending on the default settings they have set.

Many software applications such as the Adobe applications include options to control the amount of RAM that is allocated or assigned to them.

Steam games work similar to Steam games.

Unfortunately, Roblox doesn’t allow users to alter the setting.

We’ll need to come up with a new idea and add more RAM to the application using different methods.

Allow Windows 10 To Allocate More RAM

First, you must make sure that Roblox as well as your other programs and apps will run as smooth as is possible. This can be done by permitting Windows to allocate the RAM needed.

  1. Right-click on My Computer/This PC Computerand select the Propertiesfrom The dropdown menu.
  2. Select to select the Advanced Settingsoption and then select the Settings option next.
  3. Visit your Visual Effectstab then make sure you select the Adjust for the best performanceoption is selected.
  4. Click Applyand restart your computer to allow modifications to take effect.

Close Unnecessary Applications

Multiple applications running simultaneously can cause the load on RAM, preventing it from giving everything it can to games such as Roblox.

In case you’ve had to multitask for a while, shut off all other applications, including internet browsers or antiviruses.

You can make sure they’ve been able to stop making use of the RAM resource by stopping the process completely:

  1. Click right-clicking at the Start logo, then select Task Manager..
  2. On the Processes tab, you can see which apps are using RAM.
  3. Right-click on the task and choose the option to end your task..

Shut Down Background Programs

Background applications consume a lot of RAM.

Some background apps don’t show them in Task Manager. you’ll need to connect to these apps using the following steps:

  1. Enter ” Background apps” in the Windows search box, then open the System Settings utility.
  2. Here’s the list of applications and processes that are running in the background, even when they’re shut.
  3. You can turn off all of them while using Roblox by turning the switch located to the right left of your screen.
  4. You could also go through the list and switch off any that you don’t require.

Disable Unwanted Services

Many services are running continuously on your system and eat all of your RAM.

You can turn off the unnecessary one to clear memory:

  1. Enter ” System Configuration” in the Windows dialog box and then launch the application.
  2. You’ll find an overview of the currently in operation services.
  3. Select the checkbox beside the option to hide all Microsoft services to ensure that you aren’t causing harm to a vital system service.
  4. Check the list of services and remove all unnecessary options.
  5. Hit Apply and OK.
  6. Start your computer.

Use Third-Party Programs

To free up memory from unnecessary services or other processes it is possible to download and install memory optimizing software.

is a powerful program that can help you to unlock the full potential of your PC and increase your playing time by improving the performance of your system.

is among the most effective RAM tools for cleaning up.

The software is designed to provide overall system maintenance and security.

is a different RAM booster that can enhance your system’s performance and enhance its security in the process.

Set A Higher Priority For Roblox

Start Roblox and then play your game that you’d like play.

Make sure it is initialized completely before moving on.

  1. Just right click at the Windows logo and select Task Manager..
  2. Go to and click on the details tab.
  3. You’ll find RobloxPlayerBeta.exe in the list of running programs.
  4. Right-click it and choose the option to set priority..
  5. You’ll find choices starting from Real-Time up to low.

Select the option of High and above Normal to get more RAM allotted Roblox. Roblox.

  1. Click “Change Priority” in order to verify the procedure.

Notice: Settings priority for apps such as Roblox isn’t just a once-off thing.

Each time you reboot your computer and launch Roblox You’ll need go through the previously mentioned steps over again.

Increase Virtual Memory

Virtual Memory or VRAM is the component of RAM that houses every GUI-based image.

The system can increase it to make up for physical memory gap by moving all the information stored in RAM onto disk storage in order to expand memory.

You can increase the VRAM of your computer by two strategies:

Control Panel

  1. Enter ” Control Panel” in the Windows dialog box and then launch the application.
  2. Select Security and System before clicking the System link.
  3. On the window for Settings, select Advanced System Settings from the left-hand menu.
  4. On the Advanced tab Under the Performancesection click the Settings button.
  5. On the Advanced tab, click Programs and click The button to change. button.
  6. On the Virtual Memory window you can deactivate from the Automatically manage size of the paging option.
  7. Select to use the C drive and then select”Custom Size” as the custom size option.
  8. Here, you are able to set an starting and maximal virtual memory size.
  9. It is recommended that the suggested memory number is recorded in the Total Paging File Size of All Drivers.

Use that number to determine the size of your initial virtual memory.

  1. Limits are 1.5 times the size of your physical RAM in MB to get the maximum virtual memory.

For example, if you have 8GB of memory, you could use 12GB, or 12,000 MB, as your maximum amount.

  1. Select “Set” followed by Click OK.
  2. Check the changes then restart your computer.


  1. The first step is to start the BIOS.

Each computer has its own method of accessing this interface, based on the design.

It’s necessary to restart your PC, and then press any of these keys frequently while it’s in the process of starting:

    • F1
    • F2
    • F10
    • Del
  • Esc
  1. It is possible to visit the manufacturer of your motherboard or computer’s official website to locate the right key or verify the PC by hand.
  2. After entering the BIOS go towards The advanced section.
  3. Locate your graphics settingsand choose the Graphics Settings and select.

Locate your VGA Share Memory Size or Video Settings, and choose these in the event that you see that the Graphics Settings option isn’t there.

  1. Change the size of the VRAM in this section, and Save the settings.
  2. Restart your computer.

If the programs and apps you’re running on your system aren’t able to access sufficient RAM the programs won’t run in the way you want them to.

They could get slower, stop working and even crash during mid-air.

You should have enough physical RAM available in your computer, based on the applications you use.

It’s essential for most demanding programs to have access to the amount of RAM they require.

A few people don’t experience issues with RAM when playing games that are regular on Roblox..

There are certain games with a high degree of detail that may necessitate more storage.

Minimum System Requirements For Roblox

Minimum System Requirements For PC

  • OS: You can run Roblox on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

Metro Mode isn’t accessible in Windows 8.1, and you’ll be required to play Roblox in Desktop Mode.

You can use macOS 10.10 to run Roblox Client and MacOS 10.11 to run Roblox Studio.

Linux doesn’t support Roblox.

  • CPU Roblox requires you to get an upgraded CPU that was developed following 2005.

The speed of the clock must at least 1.6 GHz or better.

  • GPU In terms of the GPU, Roblox needs DirectX 10 or higher feature support.
  • RAM In order to run the Roblox application requires at least 1GB of memory.
  • Storage It is required to have at least 20 GB space on your storage drive in order to download Roblox.

Minimum System Requirements For Smartphone

  • The device is Android 5.0 Lollipop or later are supported by Roblox.

In the case of Apple gadgets, iPad 2 or higher iPhone 4s and higher along with iPod touch in the 5th Generation are able to be running Roblox.

  • Operating System: Android 5.0 or later, and iOS 9 or later is necessary for Roblox.
  • Internet It is recommended to have 4 to 8 Mb/s Internet speed to run Roblox efficiently.

How Do I Know How Much RAM Roblox Is Using?

Let’s first look at the RAM Roblox is actually using on your computer:

Task Manager

  1. Start your Roblox app and play the game you want to play.
  2. Just right-click the Start buttonand select the Task Managerto launch the application.
  3. Click on click on the tab for the Processes tab to view the list of running programs.
  4. It is possible to see the amount of RAM each program uses by visiting Memorysection. memorysection.
  5. Check out Roblox. Open the Roblox application and examine its memory use.
  6. If you’re running Roblox in your browser, search for the name instead of.

Resource Monitor

  1. In the search box, type ” Resource Monitor” in the Windows dialog box and then launch the application.
  2. Click on your memory tab.
  3. Below, you’ll find the process names and not names for apps.
  4. If you’re unable to identify which corresponds to Roblox, click here to find out. Roblox application, right-click the current option and choose the Search optionto determine which app it is that they are representing.
  5. Under the Private section, you’ll find how much RAM the app uses by Kb.

What Is RAM?

RAM, which is a contraction of RAM is an insecure storage device that is found that is found in computers, smartphones, laptops, and a variety of other gadgets.

It’s designed to store data for a short period while you’re running an application on your computer.

You could think of it as the short-term memory of the computer’s mind.

Its function is to allow the processor access the data needed quickly, without needing to dig in the drive’s hard disk or any other longer-term storage devices that are slower which can result in a very slow system.

It’s crucial that you have enough RAM the PC for it to multitask and keep multiple processes and applications running simultaneously or play games without lag.

The system continuously overwrites and refreshes RAM.

The system resets RAM each time it starts.

Every game and app requires a specific minimum of RAM in order to function.

The first step is to satisfy the requirements by installing sufficient RAM on your system.

Sometimes you’ll find that the amount of RAM that you’ve installed will meet the minimal requirements of the program that you’re using, but it will be lagging and slow to boot.

This issue can be solved by allocating more available RAM to the app and permitting it to function at a higher load speed and speed.

This is especially beneficial to in the resolution, graphics and response times of gamers who are competing in real-time.

The process of assigning more memory to a program will require that you have free memory available to allocate.

Multiple apps running simultaneously, as well as running several programs in the background will reduce the amount of memory available.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Clearing RAM Delete Anything?

RAM, also known as memory, is a temporary location for storage of data. clearing it will shut down and restart all operating processes, applications and other services.

However, it does not alter or erase any data in the event that you don’t save any data within an application.

2. Is 4 GB RAM Enough?

A 4 GB capacity RAM is sufficient for people looking to purchase the basic computing features like surfing the internet or writing documents as they listen to their music.

For more difficult tasks such as playing games as well as programming or graphic design, you’ll require 8GB or more RAM.

3. How Do I Allocate More RAM To Steam Games?

Open Steam and play the game that you want to add more RAM to.

Right-click on the screen , and select Properties.

Look for launch options under General.

In this section, you can input codes to allocate additional RAM to your particular game.

Look up the codes online based on the game you play and then put them into the box.

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