If you are inexperienced and do not understand any solution to the problem then follow our advice and issue these few orders, all will be well.

Lahore (Web Desk) Pakistan has a population of 220 million which needs 28 million tons of wheat annually for food. That’s about 124 kilograms per person. In Pakistan, wheat is used by every man, every woman, child, sick, old, young, healthy food. Wheat not only in Pakistan but all over the world

I am born and the total production of the world is 800 million tons which is used by the world population besides rice and maize. Well known essayist Dr. Ibrahim Mughal writes in one of his columns I Punjab produces 80% of our wheat. The total need of the country is about 28 million tons for food, 1.5 million tons for seeds, half a million tons for seeds and about 200,000 tons in storage losses. In total, we need 30 million tons of wheat annually. Which is not happening in the country at the moment because of Babu and a few minor political leaders. Dear Imran Khan! If Russia could save arms, that country would survive. The beginning of its breakdown was to give responsibilities to incompetent people and the last woman in the queue did not get double bread. In Pakistan, as in Russia, ineligible persons are in the important “key” position, the majority of whom are foreign passport holders. Speaking of the current season, the country has yet to cultivate 60% wheat. Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Balochistan besides the Babus (Secretary) of the Central Department of Agriculture are incompetent enough to distinguish between wheat and barley plants. Making policy is a distant thing, they know how to be a pharaoh in a closed room, but it is not enough for them to go to the field and work for the betterment of agriculture.

In the past when educated and skilled people of agriculture were given the secretariat of Punjab whose name was Mr. Bacha Sahib. Punjab’s agriculture had begun to open its eyes. But then due to the planning and nexus of the Babus, agriculture was again handed over to incompetent secretaries. As a result, the growth of agriculture turned negative. While agriculture is the primary industry of our country and its share in GDP is more than 40%. Mr. Khan! We urge you to fix the purchase price of wheat at Rs. 2300 per quintal keeping in view the ground realities and increasing prices of diesel, fertilizer, seeds, machinery, pesticides and water in agriculture. Presence! It is said that before your government, DAP fertilizer was Rs. Urea was Rs 1,400 a sack which has now gone up to over Rs 2,000. Diesel for tractors was Rs 76 per liter which has now gone up to Rs 143 per liter. Seed prices have doubled and you have become the number two seed seller. Considering the production cost of wheat, its purchase rate should be fixed at Rs. 2300. Basmati, which is now being harvested and sold to buy wheat agricultural implements, is losing 8 to 10 manat per acre this year. Therefore, increase the purchase price of basmati to Rs. 3000 per man to reduce the financial burden on the farmer

And for agriculture, mix red color in diesel and make it binding for agricultural use so that diesel can be used only for tractors and agricultural tube wells and its price can be reduced to Rs. 80 per liter. The standard seed of wheat is not available and is being used. Double the amount and reduce the price by 50%. An immediate reduction of 7% in the prices of herbs and medicines should be announced. Because 20% reduction in wheat production is due to these herbs. Sir! If we do not produce 30 million tons of wheat this year, then we may have to import 10 to 15 million tons of substandard wheat and its price may be up to Rs. 2400 per man. Order wheat cultivation on 22.5 million acres in the country this year. Apply agricultural secretaries (secretaries) of all the provinces who are educated in agriculture. The target for procurement of wheat should be 8.5 million tonnes, out of which 2.5 million tonnes will be procured by Pasco and 6 million tonnes will be procured by the Department of Agriculture, Punjab and Sindh. Punjab will have to buy 5 million tonnes of wheat. The purchase price of wheat which we have proposed is Rs. Give a target of 500,000 tons to the Deputy Commissioners of Punjab and Sindh. Get rid of corrupt food department officials. Who work two months a year and make money ten months. You will also be asked to use Fakhr Imam Sahib who is a worldly and skilled politician and appoint Punjab Minister of Agriculture and Secretary Agriculture, Secretary Food Hardworking and knowledgeable people as well as wheat growing campaign and Now also address the farmers for the yield per acre. Banda Nachiz will send further recommendations on agriculture, irrigation, food which can be a tool for the betterment of the nation, welfare of the state and your government.

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