You Have Never Seen This Form Of The Sun Before


It is impossible to look at the Sun and even more difficult to take a clear picture of it.

But new images of our solar system’s star have emerged, taken by the Inouye Solar Telescope.

This telescope in the US state of Hawaii started its work at the end of August and in this regard, 2 images of the Sun were released.

Never Seen This Form Of The Sun Before

It has been described as the world’s most powerful solar telescope capable of observing the sun at extreme depths.

One of these images shows the atmosphere on the Sun’s surface called the chromosphere.

This image covers an area of ​​51,000 miles.

Never Seen This Form

The second image shows the surface of the Sun, which looks like sand being viewed through a microscope.

Sethuraman Panchanathan, director of the National Science Foundation, which is funding the telescope, said the telescope will give us a chance to learn a lot about our star.

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