Selling Online: Focusing On The Customer Experience

Focusing On The Customer Experience

Selling online is a business orientation that can become efficient and very profitable. According to Retail Quebec, “online activities stimulate merchant sales through sales made directly online, but also through sales made in stores as a result of online activities. »

Of course, to get there you have to be able to respond well to certain requirements of the Web, including promoting natural referencing (SEO). But in addition to the need to develop a site that conforms to Web language and e-commerce technology, one element remains fundamental. Can you identify it?

It’s to get your visitor’s attention! They must be able to easily find their way around your site and be sufficiently interested in it to become a customer. And to do this requires assimilating many notions of the customer experience.

Regardless of your sector of activity, the person remains the center of your interventions. The design of a transactional or informational site must give it this central place. Beyond the technology, there is the user, your real or potential customer, the raison d’être of your company.

This article outlines some must-consider things to keep customers happy with your online store and keep them coming back to buy from your site. Remember that to sell well online, all electronic hardware must provide them with a simple and rewarding experience, combined with unparalleled service, before, during, and after the sale. Because, as you know, not everything is over after the order has been sent.

Online Store: The User First

Your transactional site must therefore consider the user as the central point. This orientation has a direct influence on certain elements of its design. Likewise, it influences the relationship you will develop with the user so that he becomes a customer of yours or maintains his loyalty.

But what exactly is meant by the user first?

Placing the user as the starting point means that the entire e-commerce site is easy to use and works well. This goes from its architecture to the information it contains, including the actions to perform (payment, or return, for example) and the buttons to select.

Thus, anyone, more or less competent on the Web, in a hurry or not, will be able to navigate your online store with ease, without problems, and frustration. Just as she can easily find herself, select the items she wants to buy and pay for them without any problems, with various options. Promotions offered, and discounts offered will also be easy to apply, as well returns, refunds as well as customer service surveys and messages.

Remember that competition is very fierce online and even a slight irritant can cause you to lose customers and keep them away… for a long time.

3 Essential Elements To Consider

Promoting the customer experience, therefore, requires considering a few major basic elements, right from the design of the online store. Taking this into account before the site is on the Web will save you a lot of trouble and make your project more profitable in the short and medium term.

1. Appropriate Ergonomics

As a first element, we talk about ergonomics. Achieving the required ergonomics allows the user, from his first visit, to quickly understand for himself how it works. The experience can therefore be positive.

The preferred ergonomics are defined as follows:

  • Is simple, fluid, and intuitive
  • Includes a search engine if you have a lot of products
  • Promotes interfaces in mobile format ( responsive site )
  • Integrates design into the user experience
  • Facilitates the purchase journey (attraction, selection, payment)

2. Attractive Promotions

A well-built and attractive site is the first essential element. But to sell well online, you must also be able to properly maintain your clientele and attract a larger one. The competition there is very strong, as you know. In such cases, it is necessary to be visible through the quality of the offer and the quality of the marketing of the products or services.

To do this, offering promotions and automated sales are essential. And all automated promotion mechanisms must be considered when creating or redesigning the transactional site.

Among the required elements, we note these essentials:

  • Offer promotions and discounts
  • Marketing automation
  • Provide good customer service that is fast and uncomplicated

3. Effective Communications

Putting the person at the center of your Web activities also supposes quality communications… and the possibility of creating them. Anyone who visits your online store is a potential customer. And it’s up to you to make her your client and you can connect with her in a more personal way.

If you have succeeded in attracting potential and actual customers to your site, this is an important milestone. Now, if you manage to get the email address of one of these people, you have some very valuable information to help you develop a certain relationship.

To ensure a more concrete and warm exchange with the person visiting your site, it is important to take care to develop these elements:

  • Collect the email addresses of visitors or customers to send them communications
  • Personalize messages and offers

Basta communication, to sell well online

 The creation of sites dedicated to e-commerce is one of our specialties. Our expertise is deployed in both architecture and content, including SEO on the Web and promotion to enhance the customer experience. And we like to develop links with our customers… to allow them to deploy their strengths in their online sales. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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