Ronaldo Banned For 2 Matches And Heavily Fined For Throwing fan’s phone

Portugal star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has been banned for 2 domestic matches after a fan threw his mobile phone down.

In April of this year, while playing for Manchester United, Ronaldo threw down his mobile phone while going from the field to the dressing room while playing for Manchester United.

Ronaldo later apologized on Instagram for his behavior towards the fan.

However, the investigation into the incident was ongoing and has now been completed, after which the Football Association banned Ronaldo for 2 domestic matches and fined him 50,000 pounds.

According to the Football Association, Ronaldo’s 2-match ban is for domestic club matches, his ban will not affect international matches and he can represent Portugal in the World Cup. 

Apart from this, this ban will not apply to Champions League matches.

It should be noted that the Portuguese star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo parted ways with the English football club Manchester United yesterday

According to the British broadcaster BBC, this decision came after a controversial interview given in recent days in which Ronaldo criticized the club and said that I have no respect for the manager of the club.

English club Manchester United also confirmed Ronaldo’s departure from the club.

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