Utility stores also became luxury stores

Utility stores also became luxury stores

A further increase in the price of cooking oil by Rs 430 per tonne, and several other items were also hiked 

Lahore (Latest Newspaper. 17 September 2022) Utility stores have also become stores with expensive items, the price of a ton of cooking oil has been increased by Rs. 430, and many other items have also been made more expensive. According to details, the items sold at utility stores were also made more expensive.

According to the Express-News report, the price of a 2.5 kg tin of cooking oil at utility stores has been increased by Rs 430, while the price of a 300-gram jar of honey has increased by Rs 60 from Rs 310 to Rs 379, while the price of 66-gram noodles has increased by Rs 5. After the increase of Rs.48 to Rs.53, the price of insecticide increased from Rs.300 to Rs.790, green tea increased by Rs.20 to Rs.178, macaroni increased by Rs.11 to Rs.90, and tissue paper boxes increased from Rs.56. 67, baby diapers increased from Rs.1352 to Rs.1700, rattan wash soaps from Rs.90 to Rs.140, and toothpaste from Rs.133 to Rs.143.

Thus, a notification has been issued to increase the prices of various items including pickles, different brands of biscuits, jelly, surf, shoe polish, razor blades, toothpaste, dishwashing soap, honey, and noodles at utility stores. It should be noted here that the storm of Hosharba inflation in the country is not letting up, despite the decrease in the inflation rate, the prices of 30 essential items have increased.

According to Dunya News, in the Statistical Institute’s weekly report, the inflation rate decreased by 0.19 percent this week, after which the inflation rate in the country decreased slightly to 40.58 percent. The prices of 30 items including eggs, flour, and rice increased. Similarly, the prices of 10 items fell and 11 items remained stable.

In the recent week, chicken prices fell by 2 percent, sugar prices by 1 percent, vegetable table ghee prices by 0.39 percent, cooking oil prices by 0.10 percent, and LPG prices by 2 percent. According to the report, the prices of potatoes decreased by 0.33%, the prices of onions by 16.24%, and the prices of tomatoes by 9.84%.

In the report of the Institute of Statistics, it was stated that the prices of tea leaves increased by 6.30%, the prices of moong dal by 3.46%, the prices of eggs by 2%, the prices of chickpeas by 2%, the prices of flour by 2%. 1 decimal 96 percent, rice prices have increased by 37 percent, dal mash prices by 1 decimal 68 percent, and bread prices by 1 decimal 45 percent.

In recent weeks, the prices of 11 essential commodities have remained stable. The data shows that during the last week, the inflation rate for the group with income up to 17 thousand per month on an annual basis in terms of the decimal of sensitive prices was 33 percent, and 17 Inflation rate increased by 38% for people with income from 1000 to 22000 rupees per month. Similarly, the inflation rate increased by 37% for people with income from 22 thousand to 29 thousand per month and income from 29 thousand to 44 thousand rupees. The rate of inflation for the haves increased by 38 percent.

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