WhatsApp has started working on a great feature to ease the major difficulties of users

The popular messaging application WhatsApp has now started working on a new security feature for desktop version users which will prove to be very useful.

WhatsApp Beta Info reports that WhatsApp is now working on the ‘Screen Lock’ feature which will soon be rolled out for testing.

This feature will provide better security to the users so that no one can access their WhatsApp account without their permission and will. WhatsApp Beta Info has also released a screenshot.

It can be seen in the picture that under the screen lock feature, whenever the WhatsApp web is opened, the password will be required, without the password the WhatsApp account will not be opened.

According to the report, often some people forget their password, if this happens here is also a solution.

If a person forgets the screen lock password, he can log out of his account and access the report by scanning the QR code again with the help of a mobile.

This feature can be helpful if multiple people are using the same laptop or computer.

WhatsApp has not yet announced the final date for the rollout of this feature, but it is expected to be rolled out soon.

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