Why Use Search Engine Advertising?

Why use search engine advertising?

It is possible to use natural referencing (SEO) to make your site appear in search results on Google, but you have to be more patient. Using this method gives good long-term results, but if you want immediate results, paid advertising is a better option.

You should know that there are two different types of advertising on the Web: search engines and social networks. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, you just have to understand when to use them and for what type of clientele to adopt them. Here is an overview of the characteristics of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or search engine advertising.

Paid search engine advertising (SEM)

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) represents all the marketing actions carried out on search engines. The main purpose of this type of advertising is to increase the visibility of a website or certain pages in Google search results, which are at the very top of the page.

For example, in the screenshot below, we see that Mailchimp ranks first on the keyword “web marketing”. Please note that the word “advertisement” is always written in front of the URL of an advertisement.

When to adopt this type of advertising?

Search engine advertising is useful when we want our company’s website to appear when a potential customer searches. Using keywords, we can target specific customers who have a particular need. 93% of web experiences begin with an online search. Moreover, advertising on search engines is just as effective for companies addressing other companies (B2B) as for those aimed directly at consumers (B2C).

When a user does an online search, he starts with one of his needs or a question. He will then seek an answer to his question with precise information. For example, if he is looking for a hairdresser in Sherbrooke, he will enter “hairdresser Sherbrooke” in Google.

So you want to appear in the first results of his search, right? Note that the positioning of your site on search engines is essential to obtain a good conversion rate. After all, 75% of users scroll no further than the first page of results. If your website is not in the top results naturally (SEO), now is a good time for you to use paid search engine optimization (SEM).

The benefits of SEM

  1. Brings targeted traffic to your website
    With Google Ads, it is possible to target very specific customers, from their demographic information to their interests, through their profession, their age group, or their education. Many settings are at your disposal to precisely determine your potential customers.
  2. A relatively low investment
    Although the investment required is higher than for advertising on social networks, the cost of advertising campaigns on search engines is affordable and less expensive than traditional advertising. Note that the more competitive your industry, the higher your advertising campaign will require. However, one of the big advantages of Google Ads campaigns is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.
  3. Quick and profitable results
    Advertising on search engines allows, unlike SEO, to produce results quickly. Indeed, in the days following the launch of the campaigns, we can already see results. However, you will have to let them run longer and adjust them over time to get the best possible results. In addition, we get concrete and measurable data, which is not always the case with traditional advertising.
  4. Analysis of results and campaigns that are easy to understand and adjust
    For those familiar with Web marketing, the results are accessible and fairly easy to interpret. In addition, when there is a problem or improvements to be made to the campaigns, the changes are quick to make if they are well thought out. It’s easy to see which ones work and which ones don’t and which ones are worth pursuing. Often at the beginning of the process, several advertisements are developed to carry out tests, and the less efficient ones will be stopped afterward.

The different types of Google Ads ads

  1. Keyword campaign (Search)
    The keyword campaign is the first step when you want to advertise on search engines. No matter the purpose of your advertisements, it is strongly advised to start with this one. Being the best known, it allows, when it is well thought out and built, to obtain very good results and to attract Internet users who are interested in your products and services on your site.
  2. Display campaign (Display)
    A display campaign is useful when your offer is visual, this type of advertising allows you to display banners or advertising boxes on popular sites that can give you some visibility. Generally offering you a lower return on investment, the poster campaign is especially recommended if you want to increase the notoriety of your company or make it known to a new audience.
  3. Retargeting campaign (Remarketing) The retargeting
    the campaign is interesting when you want to reach people who have already visited your site. For example, if you have an online store and a visitor left without completing their order, you could try to reach them through retargeting campaigns, to offer them free delivery or an additional discount to invite them to conclude their purchase. You could also show them ads for the product(s) they added to their cart.
  4. Google Shopping campaign
    This type of campaign is only for online shops, it allows you to display your products directly during a search on Google. Users can then view your products without having to visit your website.

In reality, search engine advertising is fine for most businesses, it’s just a matter of choosing the right type of promotional campaign. By opting for search engine advertising, you can be sure to appear on specific keywords when users search.

If you want to reach a specific clientele to increase your notoriety, offer limited promotions, publicize a new product, or attract people to an event, it would be likely that advertising on social networks is also a good option for your business.

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